Myth or Fact: Customer Databases are powerful assets for Business Intelligence


Quick Survey poll: How many text messages did you receive from brands this past Valentines Day?

For marketers, honest question…. How many of these text messages authentically connected with customers in your database? Its great that brands are adept to capitalizing on moments to make connections with their consumers, however the real ROI speaks to room for improvement in optimization in order to reduce resource waste (bulk SMS services are not cheap) and drive tangible customer success metrics.

The key to unlocking business intelligence insights from customer databases lies in having healthy, hygienic and up to date customer data to begin with. Database optimization is the practice of boosting the efficiency, performance and reliability of a database for exactly this reason, to unlock value for both customers and the business.

For many organizations, it is difficult to build and maintain customer data let alone work with it to reap business performance rewards. It takes a tremendous amount of resources just to keep up with the fast pace that data flows through any business.

The solution to solving any complexity is to take the first step. So, our love gift to enterprises struggling under the weight of chaotic customer data is to offer the following first three steps as a guide to getting started on customer database optimisation.

Clean Up

Ensure customer data in the database is accurate, complete and consistent. Some measures to take include, deleting duplicates, implementing data validation rules and organizing or indexing customer data in ways that makes it easier to retrieve or work with.


Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data stored in the database from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. Ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR, is also essential for maintaining customer trust and legal compliance.


Customer databases are powerful assets for business intelligence. But to truly harness this power, it needs to be cultivated. Much in the same way, weeds need to be constantly removed from a garden, databases need maintenance to ensure data quality issues are routinely fixed. Fuzzy data, incomplete fields, mismatched data sets and inconsistent data formats contribute to customer data that is un-usable.  This where services such as our CORE Data base cleaning service becomes a trusted partner in helping enterprises begin their journey to powerful insights on customer retention, loyalty, predicting customers who are likely to move to your competitor or even planning and forecasting for future sales events.

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