Youth & Livelihoods – Digital Economy Diagnostic in Senegal

Funded by the Mastercard Foundation our client sought to unlock insights into what opportunities Senegal’s digital economy holds for young people. These insights yielded actionable strategic outcomes that ultimately deepen youth inclusion and engagement in key sectors of Senegal’s economy such as tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.

Scaling micro health insurance among BOP consumers in Kenya

The intersection between tech, financial inclusion, and delivery of sustainable access to inpatient health for Kenya’s BOP consumers. This 2-year research project, funded by SCBF, entails mapping the priorities, perceptions and pain points BOP consumers encounter in financing their inpatient healthcare needs. The end goal is to drive adoption of digital financing instruments as means of access to micro health insurance.

Longitudinal studies (4 years) on Household nutrition outcomes in West Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso, & CAR)

Tracking household nutrition data in several markets over a 4year period. Our average monthly data complete targets average between 87-100% despite external challenges such as political coups, household migration, and severe weather events.

Assessing the state of Instant and Inclusive Payments in 11 African countries (Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi & Zambia )

This multi-country, mixed methodologies study, covering quantitative, qualitative and immersive approaches sought to explore the current state of digital payments through the lens of low income, infrequent earning individuals and micro-enterprises, gain insight into the behavioural needs and priorities of this consumer segment and ultimately inform the design, adoption and acceleration of instant and inclusive payments on the continent

Sensory tests for different CPG products covering categories from body care to beverages. (Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania)

From working with large quotas, correct sourcing, handling, shipping and logistics around implements and facilities, conducting sensitive product preparations for optimized results, quick turn arounds and ensuring quality, pre-screened respondents, we have over 6 years’ experience and a near perfect 99 % success rates in conducting product tests for different clients.

Route to market for low-cost outpatient healthcare brand for women (Kenya)

Innovating Africa’s next generation of health care for women that is accessible and affordable, through a deep dive in patient journeys. We partnered with Cliniva to deliver insights that would inform roll out of its primary healthcare service tailored to give women more control over pain points they currently face in seeking quality healthcare.

Retail and brand health measurement for a leading infant nutrition brand in (Djibouti, Mozambique, and Angola)

Sometimes inclusion means gaining insights from the supply side of the spectrum. The right-to-right nutrition in early life is essential for every person. That is why together with Danone we undertook a deep dive into the needs of mums with young infants. To properly capture what takes to access and receive essential nutritional support our research covered surveys with different cadres of professional health care providers and retail facing studies across several emerging markets in Africa.