Based in Nairobi Kenya, we are Africa’s data acquisition experts committed to meeting the insight needs of researchers around the world.

To do this, we are committed to delivering competitively priced research solutions that are versatile enough to support client’s unique research needs anywhere in Africa across multiple sectors and local markets on the continent. 

Our industry experience in market research spans over 20 years starting out with global research brands like TNS, Kantar, Nielsen, Geopoll and MMR, working in more than 25 countries in Africa. We appreciate the challenging dynamics & tremendous potential in doing business in Africa and strive to offer real value through innovative approaches and transformative insights.


We are on a mission to catalyse consumer inclusion in Africa. We believe a market-based approach is the best way to unlock the tremendous potential in Africa’s Tier 4 population, who are also known as the “Next 4 billion”, the “Missing Middle” or the BOP consumer. Whatever the labelling, we know one thing to be true:  there are invisible market opportunities inherent in this consumer base whose annual per capita income is less than USD 2000$


We unlock consumer insights that enable market leaders and innovators to viably connect with Tier 4 consumers in Africa. Using data led quantitative and qualitative processes we partner with our clients to connect consumer understanding to contextual relevance, and actionable impact for products and solutions.


Project Partnerships for Insights: We Collaborate with peers across industries and continents to collect reliable and credible data which can be used to build valuable insights.


Consumer Understanding:  We conduct market research to discover deep insights and learnings on consumers across Africa in any market.


Data Driven Intelligence: We track and measure data to analyze for trends and patterns that give confidence to decision makers strategies and tactics.